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Полезная информация о меде

Does honey become poisonous if it is heated - for example, added to tea? No, it's a myth. Despite the widespread belief that the combination of boiling water and honey can not only reduce the benefits of the latter, but also provoke negative changes in the human body, this has no solid scientific confirmation. So while it may be less beneficial, it is by no means toxic. Moreover, pasteurized honey is subjected to heat treatment when poured into jars to destroy bacteria in it.

Healing properties of honey

Bee honey is one of the complex natural products, which contains more than four hundred different components. Bee honey is a product incomparable in terms of nutritional and healing properties, it is a real miracle of nature, its generous gift. It contains most of the elements of the periodic table, saturated with amino acids and many other biologically active compounds, an invariable food product. It should be noted that the chemical composition of honey is not constant and depends on the type of honey plants from which the nectar is collected; the soil on which they grow; weather and climatic conditions; the time elapsed from the collection of nectar to the extraction of honey from the combs; storage periods of honey However, the main groups of substances in the composition of honey are constant. The average values ​​of the main components of honey (% in terms of anhydrous residue) are given below: