Медовая Ферма

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Полезная информация о меде

Sunflower honey causes a feeling of coolness on the tongue. It is distinguished by sweetness, astringency, viscosity, pleasant aftertaste. Many connoisseurs of api products prefer sunflower honey because of its high glucose content. Studies have shown that viscous, tart, amber-yellow honey contains a huge amount of amino acids that improve the quality of life. How many types of delicious bee honey have you tried? It would be wrong to give your love to any one variety, because they are all very different and each of the varieties deserves attention.

Healing properties of honey

Слудские бани, усадьба банный комплекс пермь

A loosened layer on the surface of honey (like white foam) or marbled, white spots in crystallized honey near the side walls of the dishes arise due to the packaging of liquid honey with sealing - air bubbles come to the surface, and some of them are concentrated near the walls. This is a sign of high-quality honey, which is packaged without pasteurization (heating).