Медовая Ферма

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Полезная информация о меде

Varieties of honey: heather Dark, very viscous, with a noticeable bitterness - most likely, you have purchased heather honey. Its main feature is very slow crystallization. If it begins to be candied, heather honey can be stirred with a wooden spoon - it will become liquid again. Heather honey contains a huge amount of mineral components, due to which it is the most effective folk remedy in the treatment of heart diseases, and also shows itself well in the absence of appetite. The most popular types of honey in Ukraine: linden, acacia, buckwheat Among all the varieties of honey that can be bought in Ukraine, there are several types that are most popular. Among them:

Healing properties of honey

Read more about the health benefits of honey Honey has calming properties. Just one glass of warm water with honey will relieve fatigue and help you fall asleep easily. Honey is an excellent probiotic. It improves digestion and restores the beneficial microflora of the body, as it contains more than six types of lactobacilli and four types of bifidobacteria.