Медовая Ферма

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Полезная информация о меде

The healer Eupraxia-Zoya, the daughter of the Grand Duke Mstislav Vladimirovich and the grandson of Vladimir Monomakh, in her treatise, "Alimma" ("Maze"), in the section "Food Hygiene", paid great attention to the use of honey.

Healing properties of honey

Buckwheat honey is one of the most useful types, rich in amino acids and microelements (2 times more than in other varieties!). The color of buckwheat honey is dark. It vomits pleasantly in the throat, making it difficult to confuse with other dark types of delicacies. More often, buckwheat honey is used to treat anemia, colds, hypertension, and skin diseases. But besides the most common varieties, there are other options in Ukraine. What types of honey are there?