Медовая Ферма

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Полезная информация о меде

Honey is quite effective in the natural and safe treatment of chronic wounds, bedsores, burns and inflammations, as well as seborrheic dermatitis. Honey gives a quick boost of energy to an exhausted person and comes in handy if you are exhausted from a marathon, strenuous exercise or hunger. Honey can soothe a cough under a cold or bronchitis, especially in children. If you eat a spoonful of honey before going to bed, sleep can be stronger.

Healing properties of honey

Honey is credited with a variety of healing properties, used to treat many diseases, considered a much healthier alternative to sugar, and eaten indefinitely. And many people believe that honey literally becomes poison when heated! Is this true, and how does honey affect health? The ex-Head of the Ministry of Health Uliana Suprun explained on Facebook.