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Preservative properties of honey. The properties of honey to preserve food and store them for a long time have been known for a long time. The ancient Greeks and Romans used honey to preserve fresh meat, which did not change its natural taste for four years. In Egypt and ancient Greece, it was used for embalming. Honey itself, if properly stored, can not deteriorate for thousands of years, while retaining its properties and taste characteristics. Honey protects plant juices, flowers, fruits and other products from spoilage. Butter covered with honey does not spoil for six months. Fish, kidneys, liver and other animal products filled with honey remain fresh at room temperature for four years, while those filled with a mixture of glucose and fructose in saline begin to rot on the 5-8th day. Biologically active substances of honey,

Healing properties of honey

программа с откровенным лесбошоу - Позволь себе, если можешь - Мужской Клуб ДЯГИЛЕВ. Салон Дягилев подготовил особую программу для искушённых искателей приключений: массаж для мужчин с эротическим шоу от двух прелестных обольстительниц.

The healer Eupraxia-Zoya, the daughter of the Grand Duke Mstislav Vladimirovich and the grandson of Vladimir Monomakh, in her treatise, "Alimma" ("Maze"), in the section "Food Hygiene", paid great attention to the use of honey.