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Полезная информация о меде

Honey caution Despite all the listed medicinal properties, the use of honey also has contraindications. It is important to know that honey can be a very strong allergen, and therefore, one of the most important contraindications is individual sensitivity to honey and food allergy to bee products. People who are prone to allergies should consume honey in minimal amounts and consult a doctor before using it.

Healing properties of honey

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Honey is an excellent remedy for healing various wounds and cuts. Honey activates phagocytosis and lymph flow, increases regeneration processes with local action on the surface of the wound. Honey softens the skin, eliminates dryness and flaking, improves skin tone, so honey is often used for cosmetic purposes. This is not the whole list of useful and medicinal properties of honey. Honey also acquires certain healing properties, depending on which plants the nectar is collected from.