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Полезная информация о меде

Honey is one of the oldest products used by man to enrich his diet. The history of the appearance of honey as a food product is more than 15 thousand years old - archaeologists have found evidence that even in the Stone Age people extracted honeycombs with a viscous aromatic filling from holes in the rocks. In the ancient Egyptian papyri, you can find the first mention of honey - the work of extracting delicacy was considered honorable and deserving of respect.

Healing properties of honey

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But besides the most common varieties, there are other options in Ukraine. What types of honey are there? Unusual types of bee honey: chestnut, sainfoin, sweet clover, sunflower The abundance of varieties of sweet treats includes products of various shades. Among them, sweet clover honey stands out brightly. Once having tried this variety, it will be difficult to confuse it with anything. Light vanilla aroma, delicate taste and very light, almost white color make sweet clover honey a delicacy. It is used for diseases of the vessels and the gastrointestinal tract, and is also the goal of many gourmets.